Rangers Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Rangers Protocol: A Brief Overview

Rangers Protocol is a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows soccer teams, clubs, and federations to find talented players through a network of scouts. To find the finest players, the Rangers will rely on a decentralized network of scouts from all around the world. These scouts' data will be recorded in a blockchain and utilized to assess the performance of players, teams, and clubs. The information obtained will be used to develop a unique profile for each player, which scouts and teams may use to find and assess new talent. The technology avoids the conflict of interest that arises in traditional scouting methods, where a club may directly hire a scout who has discovered a good player, by using a decentralized network. This conflict of interest makes it difficult for scouts to stay impartial, and it can result in fraud. Rangers Protocol will also allow players to post their game statistics to the platform, and other players will be able to rate each player's game performance. Players will be able to learn from the best players and better their own game thanks to this player-to-player interaction.

Rangers Protocol is a Blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem that allows fans to connect, communicate, and participate in their favorite sports. Fans will be able to watch their favorite sports while also making money via the collecting and exchange of digital assets on the site. Fans will have the opportunity to connect with their favorite teams, play unique games, and receive special access to team material. They'll also be able to exchange digital treasures known as "Rangers," which will be unique to each sport.

Ranger Protocol’s Features

Rangers Protocol is a blockchain gaming environment that includes a game creation toolkit and a blockchain-based gaming community. The Binance Chain is the backbone of this gaming ecosystem. Rangers Protocol offers a robust environment that enables users to create their own game apps. The Rangers Protocol makes advantage of the Binance Chain to establish its own ecosystem and provide customers their own gaming app creation tools. The Rangers Protocol also includes its own gaming platform, which will be utilized to host community-created games.

The Rangers Protocol is a decentralized security marketplace that lets anybody to help protect any environment. The Rangers Protocol attempts to establish a network of security professionals (Rangers) who are paid to safeguard any project. The Rangers Protocol will eventually assist any blockchain project in securing their networks and provide the community with free security tools by combining the power of blockchain technology and community-based security.


The name of the chain that will be utilized for the Binance Chain network is SmartChain. A child chain is a chain that is completely compatible with the Ethereum chain. This chain will be used to issue tokens as well as operate DApps. Our team at Rangers Capital is enthusiastic about the future of the new Binance Coin SmartChain network, and we're pleased to be a part of it by purchasing SmartChain tokens with our BNB tokens. We hope that the new SmartChain network would open up new doors for us. Please join us in our telegram group, Rangers Capital Club, if you'd want to debate or learn more about this issue.

More information about the project can be seen below.


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