The crypto community has transformed the payment system, moving us away from antiquated and insecure methods of financial transactions and toward a more secure and decentralized system. The emergence of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others has simplified wealth building and payment methods throughout the world. The blockchain technology is currently being used to create value.

There are a number of crypto platforms from which people have benefited, but in order for blockchain technology to touch and impact every aspect of human existence, it must be expanded. Ethereum's blockchain chain has recently been damaging other blockchain chains due to its high transaction fees and crowded transactions, which can take up to hours to receive on the Ethereum network. Many individuals have shied away from blockchain technology since only the wealthy can utilize the Ethereum network due of their large transactions.
As a result of the Ethereum network's contribution to blockchain technology, a group of people has created a concept that will help to solve the problem and improve blockchain technology's speed and cheap transaction costs. Rangers Protocol is the name given to this group.


MixMarvel developed the Rangers Protocol, a blockchain-based virtual world infrastructure that combines cross-chain, NFT, and EVM protocols.

It enables early adopters to test out a wide range of content and apps in the Rangers Protocol ecosystem without requiring authorization.

Rangers Protocol 1.0 by MixMarvel is based on Ethereum's Layer-2 scalable solution, which was initially utilized in the popular blockchain game HyperDragons.

It enables developers to freely construct sophisticated decentralized apps and adapt them to diverse circumstances, providing users with a similar experience to that of an Internet application. Rangers Protocol is designed to be a hub of entertainment.

Rangers Protocol is a blockchain platform for the virtual world that allows for a far-reaching vertical structure. Rangers Connector, a cross-chain span device that supports the development of NFT and complicated applications, is also one of the most popular cross-chain arrangements right now.
Officers Connector uses a VRF+TSS-based agreement component to ensure cross-chain strength and resource security. The entire cross-chain contact may completely convey the NFT's information and status.
UniArts is a multi-network NFT biological system that provides services such as chain chipping, local voting, and DAO management. For example, professionals might provide web-based administrations as part of their UniArts agreements, allowing local clients to choose NFT works that are transferred to the blockchain. The articles that received a vote will receive corresponding prizes as well as the opportunity to lead detached curation. Through the Rangers Connector, the Rangers Protocol will provide UniArts with obtain chain administrators. The stage's NFT bits will be directly shown on various stages or surroundings through cross-chain, while all of the NFT's information will be preserved. After cross-chain, NFT manifestations will accept a wider range of voteable tokens.

Ranger Protocol's Features

Interoperability and Composability:
One of Rangers Protocol's goals is to link with multiple public chains and serve as a bridge for the circulation of blockchain assets. As a result, digital assets can flow freely between Rangers Protocol and the public chain, thanks to the decentralization principle.

High-performance, high-security, high-stability, and really random numbers are all important factors to consider:
The two most crucial properties to produce truly random numbers in the blockchain environment are unpredictability and verifiability. VRF+BLS technology is used in the Rangers Protocol to create genuinely random numbers at the millisecond level. The main technique utilized by Rangers Protocol to create genuinely random numbers is VRF, or Verifiable Random Function. The Rangers Protocol combines BLS with VRF to enable nodes to collaborate and increase the stability and security of the really random number system.


The Rangers Protocol introduces a global nonce for all user transactions. The nonce regulates the sequence in which transactions are executed in the Rangers Protocol. Rangers Protocol can deliver the execution result in real-time for most transactions because to this technique, which eliminates the need for users to wait for the block to be produced. Rangers Protocol is a simple to learn and use synchronous method for developers.


Rangers Protocol is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible smart contract chain. Rangers Protocol intends to make deploying apps to Rangers Protocol as simple as possible for both current and new projects. There are two elements to application compatibility: Data compatibility, as well as code compatibility. Current developers do not need to learn new programming skills because of code compatibility. They can instead leverage existing codebases, like as smart contracts and front-end application scripts, that have been published on the Rangers Protocol. Data compatibility refers to the ability to move data from Ethereum-based contracts, such as ERC20 and ERC-721, to Rangers Protocol.


For activities like cross-chain and NFT protocols, Rangers Protocol has introduced additional smart contract terms. As a consequence, developers that utilize these keywords in smart contracts may benefit from Rangers Protocol's unique composability and operability.


With the implementation of the Ranger protocol, all of the issues that plague the Ethereum network, such as excessive transaction fees and transaction congestion, will be resolved.

More information about the project can be seen below.


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